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In a world of ultra-rapid change, we need robust vocational and professional education to build a sustainable future. At Katapult, we believe that the key to building flourishing educational institutions is cultivating mutually beneficial relationships with the commercial sectors by forming public-private partnerships. We are a learning network that supports these public-private partnerships with tools and guidance so they can build robust organizations that will benefit students, educational institutions, industry and society. In our Impact report 2023 you will find an overview of the activities and impact of our network in the Netherlands.


Use our network and matchmaking tool to build relationships with new partners in your field. The pink markers indicate already existing public-private partnerships, the grey markers are organisations looking for potential partners. How does it work?

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If you are looking for a peer who is also working on public private partnerships in education or for an expert on how to implement our various free tools, contact our team.


Throughout the year, there are various meetings where you can meet experts in public-private-partnerships in education and Centers of Vocational Excellence. Check out which activities are relevant to you and join the conversation

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Why reinvent the wheel if you can built upon the knowledge and experience of others? Please feel free to use our knowledge, free tools and building blocks for public private partnerships.

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