Katapult impact report 2023. 75% growth in companies involved: change in vocational education in full swing


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The number of vocational education companies participating in a public-private partnership in vocational education has increased from 12,000 in 2021 to 21,000 companies in 2023. Over 134,000 students - young and old - will benefit from this cooperation, through improved education, innovative projects and courses. This is published in Katapult’s most recent impact measurement. The Katapult network is growing, more and more PPPs are joining, more companies, students and teachers are being reached. And the network is also strengthening: the connections between the PPPs are getting stronger.

What is the state of this Katapult network in 2023? We will update you on that in this impact measurement 'Impact and Added Value'.

On the basis of the most recent figures, beautiful illustrations and examples, we show how the network and its reach is growing, and what the PPPs are working on in terms of content, from climate and energy transition to inclusion in the labor market.

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