The first-ever International Urban Greening Week


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Urban greening is essential for climate resilience, biodiversity and the well-being of city dwellers. That is why the European Platform for Urban Greening (EPLUG) aims to increase the knowledge and skills required to address climate adaptation, biodiversity and well-being in the urban, green living environment. Not only broadening expertise among professionals in Europe is important, knowledge and skills development among students is just as urgent. To stimulate international cooperative learning for vocational students and teachers in the movement towards greener cities, the first edition of the International Urban Greening Week took place in the spring of 2023!

The first-ever International Urban Greening Week took place in Finland and the Netherlands: two separately organized weeks at the same time. The first choice the students had to make is where they wanted to go. Where the theme in the Netherlands was focused on biodiversity above the ground, Finland’s program focused more on biodiversity below ground. Organized in collaboration with schools, companies, local authorities such as municipalities and other stakeholders, the mixed international teams of VET students tackled real-life learning challenges provided by companies and city halls. A varied program with a mix of workshops, research and excursions allowed the student groups to formulate a solution to the challenge.

In addition to contributing to climate resilience, biodiversity and the health and well-being of all city inhabitants, did the students not only experienced international cooperation and learning, but also gained (new) skills for the future! Watch the video below to get a brief overview of the Urban Greening Week in the Netherlands and learn more about why the stakeholders were happy to participate. Curious to hear what happened in Finland? You can read more about that here.

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