Katapult Annual report 2019


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The economy and society are changing rapidly, and education must change along with them. This change involves many new initiatives, as well as fragmentation, large expenditures, and wasted energy. Projects are started and they disappear, or they live in the minds of just a few people. What if we bundled all the knowledge and experience generated by those ideas and initiatives together? That is what Katapult is about: connection. Sharing knowledge and
working together. And, when that goes well, scaling up. We are now a movement of more than 300 public-private partnerships in the Netherlands between vocational education and the business world which together provide an answer to the question of how to deal with the ultra-rapid developments happening around us. Katapult is growing and that is wonderful. This impact report shows in figures and graphs that we have achieved a great deal since 2016. We have been approached from the education side and are now increasingly being approached by the business world. There too, they understand the urgency of working together to achieve a future-proof result. This work is about more than the student and employee of the future. It’s also about knowledge and innovation like developing and using new technology. Together we are trying, experimenting, and implementing. This report shows the impact of public private partnerships in vocational and professional education in the Netherlands.

We are already in motion. Are you coming with us?


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