Connect: Handbook for small and medium sized enterprises


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Are you a business owner, looking to train your employees, or to implement the latest innovations in your organisation? Together with the twelve European Centers of Vocational Excellence we have created the handbook 'Connect! A handbook for SMEs on how to collaborate with Centers of Vocational Excellence'. The handbook contains a decision tree helping you to choose which type of activity suits your goals best. Furthermore, the publication offers an easy step by step approach for you to explore how you can collaborate with VET schools and the Centers of Vocational Excellence. Since we like to keep things practical, concrete examples of these activities are provided by the twelve Centers for you to get an idea how these activities can look like. 

If you are not convinced yet about the added value of working together with schools, let European Commissioner Nicolas Schmit convince you with his introduction of 'Connect!'

Together, the Centers of Vocational Excellence cover a wide range of sectors and themes and they are more than happy to get in touch with you. Whether you are looking for digital solutions, pathways to become more inclusive or become more green: the centers are working on practical solutions. They do so in many sectors of the economy: from smart maintainance, furniture industry, urban greening, to electronics and the water sector.

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