EUCEN: Learning for impact in a changing world


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Societal change, whether gradual or disruptive in character, has an impact on the kind of research expertise and knowledge which professional organisations, communities and learners need. At the same time, with their research, expertise and knowledge, universities have their own impact in this changing world. Professionals working in different spheres of society have to continuously develop and adapt their expertise to continue making a societal
impact. Universities have - and feel - more and more the responsibility to make their expertise and the results of their research available where it is needed and for those who are in need of it in a more inclusive way, and in so doing they are generating a broad societal impact. With these reflections in mind eucen, the European University Continuing Education Network, organized together with Utrecht University on 2nd June 2021 an online Experts Seminar entitled Learning for impact in a changing world.

The contributions of the various speakers of the seminar have been combined in the annual EUCEN Journal, containing research papers, innovative practices and discussion papers. A great read for anyone interested in lifelong learning, public private partnerships and the role of educational institutions in regional skills ecosystems.

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