European Platform for Urban Greening receives EU grant.


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Good news for the Green Hotspot Houten and it's partners. They were among the five projects, out of 53 applications, selected by the European Commission for a Center of Vocational Excellence grant this year. The European Platform for Urban Greening aims to find solutions for the effects of climate change in urban environments. How can you use rooftop gardens and vertical gardens to mediate the effects of global warming and keep cities livable for instance? Because of the geographical spread of the partners across Europe, they will be able to exchange knowledge and experience between various climate zones. This will contribute to state of the art VET education and innovation in the field of Urban Greening. Apart from the Netherlands, education institutions and companies from Spain, Czech Republic, Finland, Romania and Denmark are contributing to the European Platform for Urban Greening. The project will kick off in October this year and will be running for four years. 


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