Best practice: TKgune Innovation and Technology Transfer Network 


#Applied research #Center of Vocational Excellence

Within the Katapult network, there are many inspiring examples of how public private partnerships work on the knowledge of tomorrow, bringing together educators, businesses and governments to find solutions for our societal challenges. 

An example of such a network is the TKgune Innovation and Technology Transfer Network, located at the Basque region, Spain. In this network, the goal is to develop applied innovation projects with companies to respond to the requirement to bring the teaching staff up to date in terms of science and technology, promoting innovation both in small and medium-sized companies and in vocational training centres. Click on the pictures below for some examples of projects within this inspiring network! 

Want to know more and see more examples? Check the TKgune website
Side note: the website with the examples is written in Basque. If you open the link on Google Chrome, you can translate the text in your language of choice.  





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